Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas 1-4-1

I received my Christmas 1-4-1 from Ness Henry today... a lovely reversed canvas with shadowbox front and a bust of Venus de Milo ... pic doesnt do it justice... thankyou Ness...

Tiled Shadow Box

I have just finished three of these, one for a birthday gift for Lucy, one for a christmas gift for Eva and another for a 1-4-1 on Arty Oz for Audrey Underwood... had a lot of fun making them and have put up a project on how to do them at

Monday, December 6, 2010

Werribee Mansion

I visited Werribee Mansion today... spectacular old italianate house of around 100 rooms,  built around 1877 by Scottish immigrants Thomas and Andrew Chirnside (and here endeth the history lesson vbg)

House is now restored by the Victorian Government and open to the general public... the house and gardens surrounding it are quite spectacular... would take an army of staff to have kept it going while the the family lived in it.

Its still surrounded by ten acres of manicured lawns, a rose garden with 5000 roses, herb gardens, lake and grotto... originally they owned 400 acres and it was a working farm.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

UFO's and Swaps

I have been on a mission this week... finished off two swaps for PaperArts, one a collab book based on the Night Before Christmas poem, and the other a swap for 12 Days of Christmas, made and posted two more tags from the ArtyOz swap ...... and knocked off a UFO!  (not a lot of housework done this week lol)

For the collab book I had to make 15 pages, put the first line of my allotted verse on the front of each page, and the rest on the back.. by the time its assembled it will be able to be read as the verses will flow in order.

The roof is impasto troweled on through cheap lace curtain fabric, and the window is one that I got on a special order from Scrapmatts

Next up was the 12 days of Christmas swap, I made 12 items, wrapped them and put my number on them... the other 11 ladies will do the same and once they are swapped out and returned everyone will have 12 gifts numbered one to twelve which we will all start opening, in order, one a day, starting on 12th December

For the Arty Oz tags this month, Ruth choose brown and elegant...I went with a birth vintage browns...

Mickeys theme was Rustic, Architectural and green.... the cogs frame on the envie cover is from scrapmatts, and the car in the frame is a derelict truck on an property not far from here (used to be a cheese factory) and I photo-shopped it to turn it into a vintage photo

Haberdashery Shadow Box

Some time ago, I purchased the Haberdashery kit from Maxine's Melange.. then encouraged Caro and Lucy to do the same under the theory we would do them together on one of our arty days.

Lucy and I got ours half done a few weeks back on an arty play day, and then she finished hers that weekend at home.  Mine sat here in bits since then, but I finally got stuck back into on Friday when Carolyn came over with hers .... and today its done and hanging on the wall!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Somerset Studio.........A review

Has anyone noticed what Somerset Studio has become lately... or rather, what its not?.

It used to be a quality publication, full of great art, inspiration, interviews and techniques.  I would grab a cuppa, plonk myself in the armchair and devour it cover to cover, mentally ticking off must try that, love that... that looks great.... scour the back for how they did it... in short I loved it.

It never crossed my mind, that the departure of Jenny Doh would have such a profound, negative impact on the magazine.  Yes, a new editor would want to put her own 'stamp' on the magazine, yes she would want to bring in new ideas and take it ... slowly.. in new directions.  But would she totally take it into new uncharted, dull and lifeless waters?  I wouldnt have thought so... but it is becoming more apparent I should have thought harder as I was defintely too trusting of my favourite magazine to know what it was doing.

The very first issue after Jenny left was unarguably the worst issue I had received.  I leafed through it in about 5 mins and found absolutely nothing that interested me.  Thought, no problem, its her first issue.. give her time to settle in.  There has now been  two issues since and my sense of dissapointment grows.  The issue I just received has a  lovely inviting cover, very cool art on it.  Sadly, its the best thing about the issue... I leafed through it in 5 mins, found nothing to take my interest, nothing that I wanted to read... and the art in it was IMHO nothing short of bland... nothing to stretch the imagination or teach the regular reader anything new.

I am giving it two more issues... and hoping like mad that it turns the corner sails into view with a shipload of art that will again put it at the top of tree.  If it continues on the way it is, the next two issues will be be last and while I don,t get it direct from Stampington itself,  I have a standing subscription with the store and buy every issue.... but  I wont be resubscribing.

would love to know the thoughts of other regular buyers, so feel free to leave a comment

Monday, October 25, 2010

I am in a swap at the moment on Arty Oz - we all have 12 tags with envelopes that we decorate in the chosen theme of each recipient, and then post two off a month to the two ladies whose turn it is.

The first month Ness Henry and myself were due to receive all our tags... this is the one I made for Ness... her theme was vintage fabric....

Front of the Tag is an old doiley, old sewing spool label and a chipboard mannequin from ScrapMatts

Back of the tag, some old buttons, another spool label and random machine stitching

Front of the envie is more vintage fabric, buttons, old crocheted doiley and random machine stitching
(I made it on watercolour paper and glued it to the envie)

Back of the envie, more stitching, fabric and buttons.


Its a busy time in our family, birthday wise around this time of year....a neice and I share the same birthday, with another neice following up 5 days later...this year I turned the big 60... never thought I would ever be so 'old' lol

Had a lovely birthday out with my sister, and being a big number birthday the family all put in for a
'big' pressie and I received an iPad that I had been coveting.... love it!  how did I ever live without it lol.  Saturday night the family and I (and Lucy) went to the Titanic Theatre Restaurant in Williamstown... had a fantastic night.... can highly reccomend a trip to it....................

Monday, October 4, 2010

Time Flies

35 years ago I met and married my 'soul mate'.  We met early July '75, set the date mid august and married late September 1975.  Any music at the wedding was drowned out by the chorus of "its too soon, too quick, it wont last, it wont last, it wont last".

35 years later we are still together, in love and very much married.  Over the years we lost track of the dissenters as they, after long courtships and engagements, separated and divorced, otherwise they may have got an invite to our anniversary celebrations and surprise vow renewals.  I say surprise as it was a covert stealth operation hatched by my sister with help from #1 daughter and #1 niece, with secret complicity by hubby.

We had a fabulous night, just very close family for a full on cocktail party... all in our swish after five gear... even hubby.. who decided to wear a kilt (in the Ross tartan lol) that night in honor of his scottish heritage LOL

thankyou to my darling sister for her help and planning.. and to the family who attended... love you all.

35 years View Photo Slideshow

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arty Play Days

It was our 'regular' play day time last friday, this time at Lucy's house.  Caro was missed as she was tied up at the last minute with family committments.

We made the Angel Wings project that we all bought from Collections at the recent Paperific... while it didnt go as smooth as we liked they were all done by lunchtime (maybe its just us but the instructions were a bit confusing lol).

We planned to start on the Scrapware project after finishing the first project, but after a nice lunch we completely lost our motivation and just kicked back and chatted with the plan that we would do it at home and have show and tell next time we meet.

I got stuck into mine yesterday and had it done in a day (think my mojo has found her way home lol)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reversed Spooky Canvas

This months PaperArts swap is a reversed canvas, spooky theme.  Its supposed to be 5 x 7 but after going to three shops, two of which didnt have canvas's at all, I grabbed them at the third...

They are the wrong size coming in at 9 x 7 but be buggered if I was driving around looking for the right size all day.  If they get rejected cause of the wrong size I'll just keep them as I was very happy with the way they turned out.

I have gone for a vintage, ghosts of house from times past type of thing...two ladies trapped forever in the spooky mansion by the children/ghouls.

We had to make two canvas's, then hinge them together so they will I just have to wait to see who I post to...

Friday, August 27, 2010


Yesterday was Titanic day.  We had the tickets for the exhibition and the IMAX doco for a couple of weeks and were really looking forward to it. Carolyn B and I went along and took my sister for a belated birthday gift... and we were all so glad we went..

The exhibition was amazing... definitely the best one I have been to at the Melbourne Museum (Pompeii was 'ok' but the Egyptian was very dissapointing).  Titanic redeemed the museum and we are now looking forward to the next one they run.

The exhibition itself took a full two hours to get through, armed with our audio guides we sauntered through looking at the artifacts taken up from 'her' resting place as well as video displays, recreations of the interior (the grand staircase is AMAZING!).  There is even a real very large ICEBERG set against a starry backdrop!  

We all had boarding passes with the name of a real passenger on the back, and you could check the wall of the passengers names to see your fate... I was 'Mrs Benjamin Peacock (Edith Nile) a third class passenger, and like most of the 3rd class I did not survive... sadly Edith's two children a 3yr old daughter and 9mth old son perished along with her.

After the exhibition and lunch we saw the doco in 3D at IMAX, again spectacular.  If you are thinking about going to this exhibition, do so!  It was well worth the cost of a ticket, and the best day I have had it ages.
(the two tarts with me were first class passengers and naturally survived)

Swanning Around

Its been a very hectic 7 days in the Ross Household.  Came down with a rotten lurgy last week, lost my voice, got it back just in time to attend my neice's 30th birthday party which also turned into a surprise engagement (dont think anyone was more surprised than her lol).

She had no idea,  and was totally shocked, followed by tears when her partner went down on one knee in front of 80 people and proposed to her. (and yes, she said yes vbg).

Next day was my sisters birthday, with more celebrating....... coming up soon is my son's engagement party... must be spring in the air vbg

Monday, August 16, 2010

Winter's Grey Cloak

I do truly hate the winter months.

Grey leaden skies, barren trees, icy winds, lashings of rain on the window.  Yes, I KNOW we NEED the rain.  Is it too much to ask that it rains at night, while I am safely snuggled under the doona with the electric blanket keeping me at a basting temperature?

Spring is now only 16 days away... and on our (rugged up) morning walk yesterday, I spotted the first signs that its finally starting to make an appearance... bliss is not far away...

Friday, August 6, 2010

August Art Queens

Had a lovely play day today with the Queens (Glenda, Lucy and Caro).  We etched, ran copper through the sizzix, hammered and bent a couple of cuffs.... enjoyed a nice lunch, good company and lots of laughter.....

Otis the show pony has to get his head in every pic

copper, out of the etchant

Me, Lucy, Glenda and Caro (the the camera hog Otis)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tarting Up The Bedroom

Which is the only tart in there LOL

I did a revamp of the bedroom last week.. new doona cover set, new cushions, bedhead, bedside tables, lamps....then decided I need something to go over the bed as the wall looked blank.  I painted up a 15" x 45" canvas, picking up on the colours of the bed cushions... love the finished result... and would love your feedback too (hubby just goes 'uh-huh... looks good' which translates as "I have looked, hopefully said the right thing, can I go now?"

I have to add too, the gorgeous paper dollie in centre panel was a gift from Barb Thomas, def not my own work.  The colours worked soooooo well with the bedroom I incorporated it.

BTW.. the princess liked the 'pillow' make over
before the canvas went up...

where is my girl?

ahhhh there she is! lol

Friday, July 23, 2010

Good Times with Good Friends

Had a lovely day at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt fair with Lucy and Caro today.... was much better than the last time I went and I seriously gave the plastic a workout.... bought some lovely goodies to make necklaces, earrings etc., met Sophie from Scrapmatts and bought some of her lovely goodies.

~ Princess Maggie with her favourite activity... sleeping! ~
Was just relaxing reading a few blogs I follow and found this on Jo's blog (she found it on Martha's).. its from the Simple Woman's Day Book.... sounded fun so I decided to play too

Today (Friday)

Outside my window...  Its dark.... and cold
I am thinking...  should I eat before bed?
I am thankful for... Family and good friends
From the kitchen... chocolate cake is cooking
I am wearing...   purple fluffy dressing gown
I am creating...   thrinchies
I am going...  to bed soon... big day today, another biggie tomorrow
I am reading...  Relentless, by Dean Koontz
I am hoping...  For warmer weather to hurry up
I am hearing...  the football on the downstairs telly and the boys second guessing the umpire
Around the house...  my sister is making cake, the men are watching telly, the princess is asleep on my lap
One of my favorite things...  cuddles with my doggie
A few plans for the rest of the week...  a workshop tomorrow to make a Junque Journal, dinner tomorrow night for the neice's 13th birthday....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Arty Play Day

Well, my day didnt exactly go to plan today.  Lucy, Glenda and I were getting together today for an arty time.... but I slipped on the wet bathroom floor this morning and whacked my head on the corner of the wall as I went down.... split open a good gash, blood flowed.... but apart from a goose egg, dried bloody hair and feeling a bit fragile all was fixed with a cuppa and two nurofen LOL

I had a lovely day with the girls making some goodies from
Stephanie Lee's book Semi Precious Salvage.  They have turned out to be real shared friendship items.... I used a crystal from a chandelier drop in mine that I bought when I was in Tassie a few weeks ago, Glenda gave me the dolls arm.... Lucy and Glenda have beads in thiers that I gave them, the little charm on all our dolls arms is from Lucy.. and the etched metal was from a previous play day vbg

We got the first project (a necklace) done so quickly and trouble free that after lunch we decided to do some earrings... I am not a dangly earring person but love how these turned out :-)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting Out Of Dodge

I left Melbourne on Thursday morning to come up to Wagga Wagga for a long overdue visit with my dear friend Barb Thomas.  The princess has been left at home much to her disgust, under the watchful eye of Ella.  I left at 9.30am in the rain, and I continued driving through rain, sunshine and more rain, all the way here for what was supposed to be a leisurely 5 hour drive that ended up becoming a 7 hour trip.

Cars! ugh!  She drives beautifully in the city but became quite tempermental heading for rural NSW.  Lets hope the return journey is smoother! Drove past lots of cows, sheep, green fields, quaint towns, big towns, rest stops, road houses with cold chips and too strong coffee.....

We have only four days together before I have to head back, a very short space of time to refire each others Muse's... so far I have been working on some Steampunk ATCs for a paperarts swap and Barb is putting the finishing touches to hers.  Today we hope to finish them off so we actually have some art to show for our time together!

(check out the urban footprint to the below, what a blight on the landscape!)