Monday, May 31, 2010

Faeries in the Garden

Well, I havent seen them, but going on these they should be there vbg.

 These beauties popped up almost overnight at my son's "old"  place.... they had a couple last year, but this year, they are a veritable fey housing estate with around 18 of them.... lol.

Thanks to Janine Evans for identifying them.. we had no idea what they were when they cropped up last year... they grow under a large pine tree in their front yard.. which is where I was lying when the DIL drove in today (it's ok..she already thinks I'm strange lol).

They moved out of their rental and into their first real house this weekend, so I had to go and grab the last lot of the pics I will get of these.....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art Queens Journal/Play Day

Had a lovely day with Lucy and Glenda on Friday... we worked on our art journals... just backgrounds as we are doing the collage and words at home before our next meeting.  Mine is in the book I derforested vbg... Lucy and Glenda are using boxboard (chipboard) and will bind theirs when finished.

My first spread was a peeled paper background with paint and mica sprays (Moonshadow Mist and Glitz Spritz with liquid dye added for more colour)  and then some gold added via punchinella stencil and a couple of stamps using gold paint again.

Second spread is scrapbook paper with the punchinella used again, and glimmermist stencils, but drybrushes in with paint rather than spray.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Destroying A Boring Book

Step one... vbg.. I have pulled lots of pages out from the middle of each signature and glued three pages together all the way through to form the 'backing' of my pages... and have ended up with 32 spreads in the book...

I have 75 little cards, called  "Treasures from Tikashi"  I plan to randomly choose 32 and  use as the words from each card on each spread.

I usually choose a card each day as my 'thought' for the day, and funnily enough they almost always seem appropriate to how I am feeling....Today's card is:

 Breathe... Breathe deeply.  Your breath draws life giving oxygen into your body.  When faced with difficulties remember to breathe.  Nothing is ever solved when you hold your breath.
Allow the flow.  Now may be the time to breathe some new life into what you have pushed aside.


New Play Day Project

I have finally decided to actually start an art journal after thinking about it for ages... t'will become the ongoing project on arty play days... we'll do backgrounds etc., together and then finish the pages off at home by ourselves with collage, paint, drawing, words etc., and have show and tell the next time on our pages.... this will be an ongoing project...taking up play days for the rest of the year.

For my book I have decided to convert an old book I have here, it has sewn in pages so I can remove excess pages from it and will do the work off the page and then add it to the book (one of the many great tips and  tricks I learnt in my class with Judy Wilkenfeld).  Am looking forward to this... will be fun to get back into arting after such a long break.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moving On

I have, I am comfortable in admitting only a few good friends.  I know quite a few people whose company I enjoy and look forward to, I have family whose visits I look forward to... but a few of those friends, I am proud and grateful to call confidante's.

I am a very private person in that I don't share me easily, or my deepest feelings freely (people are so judgemental vbg).   But I do have a few close, true friends I can bare my soul to in total confidence, not be judged on what I thought, said, or did and they will cry and laugh with me, hug me when I down and kick me up the butt and tell me to get a grip when I over react.  I am glad they are in my life and I say a thanks every day that they are there for me.

I have come to appreciate these friends so much more over the past few months. They probably don't realise (or least didn't, before this post vbg) how much they kept me sane and functioning with their belief and faith in me in the last few dark weeks...

The old saying is very friends are silver...old friends are gold.. and I have three I count as gold... (now you're counting.. and I can't afford to buy you all a gold necklace  lol)

Its thanks to them I have come out the other side with a smile on my face and optimism in my step...there will be more classes but not as CSR.... we will have a new name, goal and direction.  Stay tuned, the fat lady hasnt sung yet................

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time Away

I was away last weekend... a lovely mothers day gift from the kids... Hubby and I went across to Devonport Tas on the Spirit of Australia, collected a hire car, drove around for a few days taking in Ross, Campbelltown, Launceston, Port Arthur and Hobart before flying home.. had a lovely refreshing break...all those sharp edges have been rounded off again and I feel ready to come down off my mountain vbg.

Elizabeth River, Campbelltown

Sunrise in Hobart

Isle of the Dead, Port Arthur

Port Arthur Settlement

Port Arthur Settlement


Monday, May 3, 2010


Yes, I know.. I have moved again.. not 'house' this time.. but blog and direction.. my mental compass is now spinning in circles like an old mariner in the Bermuda Triangle.  I know there is land out there somewhere... but dont want just somewhere... but a safe haven...

The events of the last few months, have been both uplifting, rewarding and at times downright soul destroying.  This 'new' blog is purely road back into the sunshine... nothing business.. just art, and hopefully a bit of fun with both art and friends.

Hope to see you here with me