Monday, May 17, 2010

Destroying A Boring Book

Step one... vbg.. I have pulled lots of pages out from the middle of each signature and glued three pages together all the way through to form the 'backing' of my pages... and have ended up with 32 spreads in the book...

I have 75 little cards, called  "Treasures from Tikashi"  I plan to randomly choose 32 and  use as the words from each card on each spread.

I usually choose a card each day as my 'thought' for the day, and funnily enough they almost always seem appropriate to how I am feeling....Today's card is:

 Breathe... Breathe deeply.  Your breath draws life giving oxygen into your body.  When faced with difficulties remember to breathe.  Nothing is ever solved when you hold your breath.
Allow the flow.  Now may be the time to breathe some new life into what you have pushed aside.



  1. Breathing is very important to life :-) Great inspirational verse.
    Book looks like it will be fun to do:-)

  2. Breathe I like this one I can relate to it more than you Know.
    Love the book cant wait to see what you do with it


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