Monday, May 31, 2010

Faeries in the Garden

Well, I havent seen them, but going on these they should be there vbg.

 These beauties popped up almost overnight at my son's "old"  place.... they had a couple last year, but this year, they are a veritable fey housing estate with around 18 of them.... lol.

Thanks to Janine Evans for identifying them.. we had no idea what they were when they cropped up last year... they grow under a large pine tree in their front yard.. which is where I was lying when the DIL drove in today (it's ok..she already thinks I'm strange lol).

They moved out of their rental and into their first real house this weekend, so I had to go and grab the last lot of the pics I will get of these.....


  1. I love your little magical find, these toadstools are so cute, pity you didnt see any faeries under them. I used to see them lots in NZ under the pine trees amongst the pine needles on the ground... havent seen any in 20 years! How about a toadstoon ATC theme? xxmargaret w.

  2. I will look forward to what you do with these fellow Art Queen. Like Margaret I used to see heaps in NZ, I have seen heaps of Mushrooms on our front nature strip but none of these beauties


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