Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time Away

I was away last weekend... a lovely mothers day gift from the kids... Hubby and I went across to Devonport Tas on the Spirit of Australia, collected a hire car, drove around for a few days taking in Ross, Campbelltown, Launceston, Port Arthur and Hobart before flying home.. had a lovely refreshing break...all those sharp edges have been rounded off again and I feel ready to come down off my mountain vbg.

Elizabeth River, Campbelltown

Sunrise in Hobart

Isle of the Dead, Port Arthur

Port Arthur Settlement

Port Arthur Settlement



  1. GREAT photos Bevlea!!!
    Tasmania is a relaxing place to visit & I am so pleased that you are coming down from the mountain.
    Musn't let the 'small' people get you down.

    HUgs Lucy

  2. WOW the photos look beautiful Glad you had a good time


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