Monday, May 3, 2010


Yes, I know.. I have moved again.. not 'house' this time.. but blog and direction.. my mental compass is now spinning in circles like an old mariner in the Bermuda Triangle.  I know there is land out there somewhere... but dont want just somewhere... but a safe haven...

The events of the last few months, have been both uplifting, rewarding and at times downright soul destroying.  This 'new' blog is purely road back into the sunshine... nothing business.. just art, and hopefully a bit of fun with both art and friends.

Hope to see you here with me


  1. You must have been born a nomad my friend....hard to keep up with all your "moves"...LOL
    May the sun shine on your onions and they come up roses!...vbg

  2. Well Bevlea ... I'm convinced you were born a GYPSY in your past life! I'm looking forward to your 'future readings' ... pardon the pun - lol!

  3. Gypsy eh "look into my crystal Ball Bevlea I see a class with me in the future" LOL
    Have fun


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