Saturday, June 19, 2010

The ArtQueens Affirmation Journal

Along with Glenda and Lucy, I have been working on my journal... my first effort at journaling, and while its fun, I'm not that sure I am happy with what I have created... think they all need 'something' and I do wish my handwriting was nicer..... and yes.. I have changed the book I was using, the first one.. after pulling out all those pages, didn't sit flat enough, so I have swapped to a wire bound blank book

We are using a little deck of cards called Treasures from Tikashi...
First page was 'Honesty'... scrapbook paper with punchinella stencilled over the top, birdcage from the new Tim Holtz die, some collage images, and stamping...

Second page.. 'Completeness'
painted background, punchinella stencilling again, stamping in paint, serviette glued down and varnished over the top... 

Third page - 'Gentleness'
scrapbook paper again, more serviettes and some scribbling.



  1. They look fabulous Bevlea.
    Well done, beats my one page so far LOL. I do think I will make mine the size I have started and
    will also get a bound book and put them into.

  2. Looking wonderful my friend!...bring it up with you...I want to see it in the hand!


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