Saturday, June 19, 2010

Digital Magic

I signed up to do an online course with Marie Otereo in May, and its just started this week.  Am really enjoying the class... learning how to get more out of Photoshop...have been using PS for over 5 years but its such a huge program there is heaps that I havent learnt yet.  This week we have been playing with creative effects such as sepia, vintage,  adjustment layers and masking

we started with this
and converted it to this

then this guy

became this one... 

then this pic

became this one.


  1. Awesome results Bevlea! So glad you are enjoying the class! That Koala Bear is awesome!

  2. These are fantastic....I specially love the garden steps one!

  3. Wowee Bevlea, I love the steps one too. But then the cuddly guy looks great as well.


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