Friday, July 23, 2010

Good Times with Good Friends

Had a lovely day at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt fair with Lucy and Caro today.... was much better than the last time I went and I seriously gave the plastic a workout.... bought some lovely goodies to make necklaces, earrings etc., met Sophie from Scrapmatts and bought some of her lovely goodies.

~ Princess Maggie with her favourite activity... sleeping! ~
Was just relaxing reading a few blogs I follow and found this on Jo's blog (she found it on Martha's).. its from the Simple Woman's Day Book.... sounded fun so I decided to play too

Today (Friday)

Outside my window...  Its dark.... and cold
I am thinking...  should I eat before bed?
I am thankful for... Family and good friends
From the kitchen... chocolate cake is cooking
I am wearing...   purple fluffy dressing gown
I am creating...   thrinchies
I am going...  to bed soon... big day today, another biggie tomorrow
I am reading...  Relentless, by Dean Koontz
I am hoping...  For warmer weather to hurry up
I am hearing...  the football on the downstairs telly and the boys second guessing the umpire
Around the house...  my sister is making cake, the men are watching telly, the princess is asleep on my lap
One of my favorite things...  cuddles with my doggie
A few plans for the rest of the week...  a workshop tomorrow to make a Junque Journal, dinner tomorrow night for the neice's 13th birthday....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Arty Play Day

Well, my day didnt exactly go to plan today.  Lucy, Glenda and I were getting together today for an arty time.... but I slipped on the wet bathroom floor this morning and whacked my head on the corner of the wall as I went down.... split open a good gash, blood flowed.... but apart from a goose egg, dried bloody hair and feeling a bit fragile all was fixed with a cuppa and two nurofen LOL

I had a lovely day with the girls making some goodies from
Stephanie Lee's book Semi Precious Salvage.  They have turned out to be real shared friendship items.... I used a crystal from a chandelier drop in mine that I bought when I was in Tassie a few weeks ago, Glenda gave me the dolls arm.... Lucy and Glenda have beads in thiers that I gave them, the little charm on all our dolls arms is from Lucy.. and the etched metal was from a previous play day vbg

We got the first project (a necklace) done so quickly and trouble free that after lunch we decided to do some earrings... I am not a dangly earring person but love how these turned out :-)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting Out Of Dodge

I left Melbourne on Thursday morning to come up to Wagga Wagga for a long overdue visit with my dear friend Barb Thomas.  The princess has been left at home much to her disgust, under the watchful eye of Ella.  I left at 9.30am in the rain, and I continued driving through rain, sunshine and more rain, all the way here for what was supposed to be a leisurely 5 hour drive that ended up becoming a 7 hour trip.

Cars! ugh!  She drives beautifully in the city but became quite tempermental heading for rural NSW.  Lets hope the return journey is smoother! Drove past lots of cows, sheep, green fields, quaint towns, big towns, rest stops, road houses with cold chips and too strong coffee.....

We have only four days together before I have to head back, a very short space of time to refire each others Muse's... so far I have been working on some Steampunk ATCs for a paperarts swap and Barb is putting the finishing touches to hers.  Today we hope to finish them off so we actually have some art to show for our time together!

(check out the urban footprint to the below, what a blight on the landscape!)

Another Itch Scratched

I attended a workshop at Eva's last Monday. 

Great company, lovely tutor, very nice afternoon tea... and an itch scratched.  Enamelling is NOT for me.  I dont like its imprecise nature... its something that no matter how good you get at it, you cant control exactly how it will turn out.

Too many variables with heat, thickness of powder, impurities on hands... erk... the work done by everyone else was lovely... but its something I would need a lot more practise shelve that and move on vbg.

The last picture below is not all my work...Eva's is the one with the bee, Lucy was the disc with the fluer de leis that you can really see... mine is the one that is raised embossed... NOT what I was supposed to be doing lol

Maggie Turns 2!

Seems so long ago since I brought the little princess home, its only been two years, but it seems like she has been with us forever, cant remember 'life before Maggie' vbg

She was a tiny little thing with a big head and fine little legs that weighed nothing and would fit in my computer desk drawer while I worked (safest place for her too as she had a real 'taste' for cords and cables!).

She's still small but is now a hefty 5.3kg with a head she has grown into and lovely long ears and coat... being a Cavelier King Charles she's never going to go toe to toe with Uncle Darcy the Boxer, but my she has grown! 

She was so timid when we brought her home, took to us like a security blanket and bolted when we had visitors, she's still 'shy' but is so much better...she now even lets the little visitors pick her up and pat her... mind you she still does the 'freeze and brace for impact' posture lol

(check out the meatloaf birthday cake!)