Friday, July 16, 2010

Arty Play Day

Well, my day didnt exactly go to plan today.  Lucy, Glenda and I were getting together today for an arty time.... but I slipped on the wet bathroom floor this morning and whacked my head on the corner of the wall as I went down.... split open a good gash, blood flowed.... but apart from a goose egg, dried bloody hair and feeling a bit fragile all was fixed with a cuppa and two nurofen LOL

I had a lovely day with the girls making some goodies from
Stephanie Lee's book Semi Precious Salvage.  They have turned out to be real shared friendship items.... I used a crystal from a chandelier drop in mine that I bought when I was in Tassie a few weeks ago, Glenda gave me the dolls arm.... Lucy and Glenda have beads in thiers that I gave them, the little charm on all our dolls arms is from Lucy.. and the etched metal was from a previous play day vbg

We got the first project (a necklace) done so quickly and trouble free that after lunch we decided to do some earrings... I am not a dangly earring person but love how these turned out :-)


  1. Lovely day, except for your 'egg'. Your creations turned out lovely as did Glendas & mine, a great result all round.
    Now off to bed for a good sleep & hopefully, the 'egg' will be much smaller in the morning.

  2. Yes, it was a lovely day of sharing with fabulous friends. Hope as Lucy says your "egg" is down or gone by morning. Thanks for the shared booty...

  3. really nice work there! Hope your head's better soon too. D.

  4. I hope your head is getting better. Beautiful set.


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