Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting Out Of Dodge

I left Melbourne on Thursday morning to come up to Wagga Wagga for a long overdue visit with my dear friend Barb Thomas.  The princess has been left at home much to her disgust, under the watchful eye of Ella.  I left at 9.30am in the rain, and I continued driving through rain, sunshine and more rain, all the way here for what was supposed to be a leisurely 5 hour drive that ended up becoming a 7 hour trip.

Cars! ugh!  She drives beautifully in the city but became quite tempermental heading for rural NSW.  Lets hope the return journey is smoother! Drove past lots of cows, sheep, green fields, quaint towns, big towns, rest stops, road houses with cold chips and too strong coffee.....

We have only four days together before I have to head back, a very short space of time to refire each others Muse's... so far I have been working on some Steampunk ATCs for a paperarts swap and Barb is putting the finishing touches to hers.  Today we hope to finish them off so we actually have some art to show for our time together!

(check out the urban footprint to the below, what a blight on the landscape!)


  1. Enjoy your short trip, Bevlea and take some time to enjoy the country scenery as well.

  2. Hope you both have a fabulous time together, enjoy your play time and help to get that Boondocks Diva up and running again.

  3. Enjoy!! Can't wait to see what you make!!


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