Friday, July 23, 2010

Good Times with Good Friends

Had a lovely day at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt fair with Lucy and Caro today.... was much better than the last time I went and I seriously gave the plastic a workout.... bought some lovely goodies to make necklaces, earrings etc., met Sophie from Scrapmatts and bought some of her lovely goodies.

~ Princess Maggie with her favourite activity... sleeping! ~
Was just relaxing reading a few blogs I follow and found this on Jo's blog (she found it on Martha's).. its from the Simple Woman's Day Book.... sounded fun so I decided to play too

Today (Friday)

Outside my window...  Its dark.... and cold
I am thinking...  should I eat before bed?
I am thankful for... Family and good friends
From the kitchen... chocolate cake is cooking
I am wearing...   purple fluffy dressing gown
I am creating...   thrinchies
I am going...  to bed soon... big day today, another biggie tomorrow
I am reading...  Relentless, by Dean Koontz
I am hoping...  For warmer weather to hurry up
I am hearing...  the football on the downstairs telly and the boys second guessing the umpire
Around the house...  my sister is making cake, the men are watching telly, the princess is asleep on my lap
One of my favorite things...  cuddles with my doggie
A few plans for the rest of the week...  a workshop tomorrow to make a Junque Journal, dinner tomorrow night for the neice's 13th birthday....

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