Saturday, July 3, 2010

Maggie Turns 2!

Seems so long ago since I brought the little princess home, its only been two years, but it seems like she has been with us forever, cant remember 'life before Maggie' vbg

She was a tiny little thing with a big head and fine little legs that weighed nothing and would fit in my computer desk drawer while I worked (safest place for her too as she had a real 'taste' for cords and cables!).

She's still small but is now a hefty 5.3kg with a head she has grown into and lovely long ears and coat... being a Cavelier King Charles she's never going to go toe to toe with Uncle Darcy the Boxer, but my she has grown! 

She was so timid when we brought her home, took to us like a security blanket and bolted when we had visitors, she's still 'shy' but is so much better...she now even lets the little visitors pick her up and pat her... mind you she still does the 'freeze and brace for impact' posture lol

(check out the meatloaf birthday cake!)


  1. Happy Birthday Maggie!!!!
    She even wagged her tail last time I saw her! She certainly has come a long way since she first arrived in the Ross household.
    Hugs Lucy

  2. She is so cute and what a cute birthday pic....
    Hope you enjoyed your special treat Maggie


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