Monday, August 2, 2010

Tarting Up The Bedroom

Which is the only tart in there LOL

I did a revamp of the bedroom last week.. new doona cover set, new cushions, bedhead, bedside tables, lamps....then decided I need something to go over the bed as the wall looked blank.  I painted up a 15" x 45" canvas, picking up on the colours of the bed cushions... love the finished result... and would love your feedback too (hubby just goes 'uh-huh... looks good' which translates as "I have looked, hopefully said the right thing, can I go now?"

I have to add too, the gorgeous paper dollie in centre panel was a gift from Barb Thomas, def not my own work.  The colours worked soooooo well with the bedroom I incorporated it.

BTW.. the princess liked the 'pillow' make over
before the canvas went up...

where is my girl?

ahhhh there she is! lol


  1. *hmmm* - I wrote a comment last night - hasn't shown ... ??? Oh well ... here I go again! The gist of what I wrote was... I realy like what you 'did' - I just have 'issues' with the 'blue' - lol.

  2. Looks great, I am glad Maggie is happy with her new bed!

  3. Looks lovely Bevlea, all the colours match & even Maggie blends in!
    Hugs Lucy


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