Friday, August 27, 2010


Yesterday was Titanic day.  We had the tickets for the exhibition and the IMAX doco for a couple of weeks and were really looking forward to it. Carolyn B and I went along and took my sister for a belated birthday gift... and we were all so glad we went..

The exhibition was amazing... definitely the best one I have been to at the Melbourne Museum (Pompeii was 'ok' but the Egyptian was very dissapointing).  Titanic redeemed the museum and we are now looking forward to the next one they run.

The exhibition itself took a full two hours to get through, armed with our audio guides we sauntered through looking at the artifacts taken up from 'her' resting place as well as video displays, recreations of the interior (the grand staircase is AMAZING!).  There is even a real very large ICEBERG set against a starry backdrop!  

We all had boarding passes with the name of a real passenger on the back, and you could check the wall of the passengers names to see your fate... I was 'Mrs Benjamin Peacock (Edith Nile) a third class passenger, and like most of the 3rd class I did not survive... sadly Edith's two children a 3yr old daughter and 9mth old son perished along with her.

After the exhibition and lunch we saw the doco in 3D at IMAX, again spectacular.  If you are thinking about going to this exhibition, do so!  It was well worth the cost of a ticket, and the best day I have had it ages.
(the two tarts with me were first class passengers and naturally survived)


  1. Wow, sound like you three had a great time. I better go see...................

  2. was a great day Glenda.. you and Geoff should give yourselves a 'date' day and head off to see it

  3. Sounds fabulous Bevlea. So cheesed off that I decided not to go, but pleased that you all enjoyed it so much.
    So sorry that Edith died with her children.
    Hugs Lucy

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time. It is on my to do list


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