Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reversed Spooky Canvas

This months PaperArts swap is a reversed canvas, spooky theme.  Its supposed to be 5 x 7 but after going to three shops, two of which didnt have canvas's at all, I grabbed them at the third...

They are the wrong size coming in at 9 x 7 but be buggered if I was driving around looking for the right size all day.  If they get rejected cause of the wrong size I'll just keep them as I was very happy with the way they turned out.

I have gone for a vintage, ghosts of house from times past type of thing...two ladies trapped forever in the spooky mansion by the children/ghouls.

We had to make two canvas's, then hinge them together so they will I just have to wait to see who I post to...


  1. Bevlea,
    They look FABULOUS!!!! Love, Love, Love them!
    Hugs lucy

  2. Hey Bevlea, I thought I posted here the same day as Lucy LOL oh well. Anyway they look absolutely fabulous and I have changed my idea of the swap now hehehehe, might have to do them and hope I get this one


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