Monday, October 25, 2010


Its a busy time in our family, birthday wise around this time of year....a neice and I share the same birthday, with another neice following up 5 days later...this year I turned the big 60... never thought I would ever be so 'old' lol

Had a lovely birthday out with my sister, and being a big number birthday the family all put in for a
'big' pressie and I received an iPad that I had been coveting.... love it!  how did I ever live without it lol.  Saturday night the family and I (and Lucy) went to the Titanic Theatre Restaurant in Williamstown... had a fantastic night.... can highly reccomend a trip to it....................


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the night at the Titanic & celebrating your birthday!
    Welcome to the fabulous 60's my friend!
    Hugs Lucy

  2. What a great looking crew!!!....Wish I could have been there with you my dear friend.


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