Monday, October 4, 2010

Time Flies

35 years ago I met and married my 'soul mate'.  We met early July '75, set the date mid august and married late September 1975.  Any music at the wedding was drowned out by the chorus of "its too soon, too quick, it wont last, it wont last, it wont last".

35 years later we are still together, in love and very much married.  Over the years we lost track of the dissenters as they, after long courtships and engagements, separated and divorced, otherwise they may have got an invite to our anniversary celebrations and surprise vow renewals.  I say surprise as it was a covert stealth operation hatched by my sister with help from #1 daughter and #1 niece, with secret complicity by hubby.

We had a fabulous night, just very close family for a full on cocktail party... all in our swish after five gear... even hubby.. who decided to wear a kilt (in the Ross tartan lol) that night in honor of his scottish heritage LOL

thankyou to my darling sister for her help and planning.. and to the family who attended... love you all.

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  1. Congratulations Bevlea &David! You both looked FABULOUS!!!
    And they said it wouldn't last!
    Hugs Lucy

  2. Congratulations on 35 years!!! What a wonderful celebration. xxx

  3. Congratulations on 35years. Photo's look like you all had a fabulous family time. Best wishes for the next 35years.

  4. Congratulations to you Bevlea, well done. May you both have another 35years blessed with good health and happiness together.

  5. Congrats to you both...and what a wonderful way to celebrate 35 years of wedded Bliss!
    You both look fantastic and the love shines thru!
    Luvya old girl...vbg.


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