Sunday, November 7, 2010

Somerset Studio.........A review

Has anyone noticed what Somerset Studio has become lately... or rather, what its not?.

It used to be a quality publication, full of great art, inspiration, interviews and techniques.  I would grab a cuppa, plonk myself in the armchair and devour it cover to cover, mentally ticking off must try that, love that... that looks great.... scour the back for how they did it... in short I loved it.

It never crossed my mind, that the departure of Jenny Doh would have such a profound, negative impact on the magazine.  Yes, a new editor would want to put her own 'stamp' on the magazine, yes she would want to bring in new ideas and take it ... slowly.. in new directions.  But would she totally take it into new uncharted, dull and lifeless waters?  I wouldnt have thought so... but it is becoming more apparent I should have thought harder as I was defintely too trusting of my favourite magazine to know what it was doing.

The very first issue after Jenny left was unarguably the worst issue I had received.  I leafed through it in about 5 mins and found absolutely nothing that interested me.  Thought, no problem, its her first issue.. give her time to settle in.  There has now been  two issues since and my sense of dissapointment grows.  The issue I just received has a  lovely inviting cover, very cool art on it.  Sadly, its the best thing about the issue... I leafed through it in 5 mins, found nothing to take my interest, nothing that I wanted to read... and the art in it was IMHO nothing short of bland... nothing to stretch the imagination or teach the regular reader anything new.

I am giving it two more issues... and hoping like mad that it turns the corner sails into view with a shipload of art that will again put it at the top of tree.  If it continues on the way it is, the next two issues will be be last and while I don,t get it direct from Stampington itself,  I have a standing subscription with the store and buy every issue.... but  I wont be resubscribing.

would love to know the thoughts of other regular buyers, so feel free to leave a comment


  1. I'm with you Bevlea!
    In fact after I received tha latest issue, I sent an email to Somerset voicing my opinion. This is the first time I have ever taken this action.
    I will give it 3 more issues & if it doesn't change, I will never buy it again.
    I have always loved this mag & have kept every issue, but, now it has become banal & boring!

  2. That's a shame!! I only have a couple of very old copies-but I re-read them over and over. They are full of so much inspiration!!! They're not cheap to buy and if the quality isn't there I won't bother with it.

  3. I have to agree Bev. I've been reading that mag, and Belle Armoire Jewelry, for a few years now and will let my current subscription finish, then no more. Not at all inspiring or interesting for me either, which is a real pity because those mags were important in getting me going on my creative journey. I miss it, really.


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