Friday, August 27, 2010


Yesterday was Titanic day.  We had the tickets for the exhibition and the IMAX doco for a couple of weeks and were really looking forward to it. Carolyn B and I went along and took my sister for a belated birthday gift... and we were all so glad we went..

The exhibition was amazing... definitely the best one I have been to at the Melbourne Museum (Pompeii was 'ok' but the Egyptian was very dissapointing).  Titanic redeemed the museum and we are now looking forward to the next one they run.

The exhibition itself took a full two hours to get through, armed with our audio guides we sauntered through looking at the artifacts taken up from 'her' resting place as well as video displays, recreations of the interior (the grand staircase is AMAZING!).  There is even a real very large ICEBERG set against a starry backdrop!  

We all had boarding passes with the name of a real passenger on the back, and you could check the wall of the passengers names to see your fate... I was 'Mrs Benjamin Peacock (Edith Nile) a third class passenger, and like most of the 3rd class I did not survive... sadly Edith's two children a 3yr old daughter and 9mth old son perished along with her.

After the exhibition and lunch we saw the doco in 3D at IMAX, again spectacular.  If you are thinking about going to this exhibition, do so!  It was well worth the cost of a ticket, and the best day I have had it ages.
(the two tarts with me were first class passengers and naturally survived)

Swanning Around

Its been a very hectic 7 days in the Ross Household.  Came down with a rotten lurgy last week, lost my voice, got it back just in time to attend my neice's 30th birthday party which also turned into a surprise engagement (dont think anyone was more surprised than her lol).

She had no idea,  and was totally shocked, followed by tears when her partner went down on one knee in front of 80 people and proposed to her. (and yes, she said yes vbg).

Next day was my sisters birthday, with more celebrating....... coming up soon is my son's engagement party... must be spring in the air vbg

Monday, August 16, 2010

Winter's Grey Cloak

I do truly hate the winter months.

Grey leaden skies, barren trees, icy winds, lashings of rain on the window.  Yes, I KNOW we NEED the rain.  Is it too much to ask that it rains at night, while I am safely snuggled under the doona with the electric blanket keeping me at a basting temperature?

Spring is now only 16 days away... and on our (rugged up) morning walk yesterday, I spotted the first signs that its finally starting to make an appearance... bliss is not far away...

Friday, August 6, 2010

August Art Queens

Had a lovely play day today with the Queens (Glenda, Lucy and Caro).  We etched, ran copper through the sizzix, hammered and bent a couple of cuffs.... enjoyed a nice lunch, good company and lots of laughter.....

Otis the show pony has to get his head in every pic

copper, out of the etchant

Me, Lucy, Glenda and Caro (the the camera hog Otis)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tarting Up The Bedroom

Which is the only tart in there LOL

I did a revamp of the bedroom last week.. new doona cover set, new cushions, bedhead, bedside tables, lamps....then decided I need something to go over the bed as the wall looked blank.  I painted up a 15" x 45" canvas, picking up on the colours of the bed cushions... love the finished result... and would love your feedback too (hubby just goes 'uh-huh... looks good' which translates as "I have looked, hopefully said the right thing, can I go now?"

I have to add too, the gorgeous paper dollie in centre panel was a gift from Barb Thomas, def not my own work.  The colours worked soooooo well with the bedroom I incorporated it.

BTW.. the princess liked the 'pillow' make over
before the canvas went up...

where is my girl?

ahhhh there she is! lol