Monday, August 29, 2011

I have (again) been very remiss in keeping my blog up to date... feel like a confession, forgive me father its been ages since my last post....

I havent been doing a lot of art... have found that unless I am in the company of like minded crafters, I do very little.. I sit at my table, papers, glue, bits n bobs spread around... and before long I have either moved off to the armchair to read a book or to the computer to play a game (damn you FB LOL)

I am however, off to an arting weekend with Lucy in about 2 weeks and we have several projects planned... so in the meantime, for the sake of saying something,  I thought I would bore dazzle you with some photographs I have taken lately... taken at Emu Bottom Homestead, built around 1836 its Victoria's oldest homestead

Monday, July 25, 2011

Swaps n Stuff

Have been running way late with a few swaps and am finally catching up

First up isnt a swap, but a class Lucy and I took with Julie Van Oosten down at Scraptacular about six weeks ago (did i say I am running late lol?)  Class was on her new printers tray kit... great class, ran into lots of old faces and had a lovely time.  Took home the completed tray at the end of the class too!  (which is always a good thing, because if it comes home half done it never gets finished! LOL)

Then I finished a Houses of History page for Jane... her theme was Captain Cooks cottage so I have taken the cottage and added a pop up garden

and finally is an ATC for the WTA on PaperArts.  

Trentham Falls

Last Saturday I headed up Dayslesford way with my sister... we where heading to Trentham Falls..... with a short stop at Woodend for morning tea where we found Bourkies Bakery.  Best coffee and pastie I have ever had... and we bought some of their famous Vanilla Slices to take home for afternoon tea :-)

The pathway to the bottom of the falls was closed, and while it was easy work to get over the fence, I decided on caution being the better part of valour as the track was so muddy, I could picture myself making record time to the bottom (with several broken bones lol)

Falls were awesome, and totally running .... we could hear the falls from the carpark, and they were a great sight...

Trentham Falls
After the falls we took a walk through the botanical gardens at Daylesford.. lovely gardens, very, very established... its obvious they havent been touched by bushfires.. but it was soooooo green and mossy there I don't think a fire would stand a chance lol
Fernery at Gardens

Trees along side of scenic drive.. note the moss!!

And cupcakes to take home for the kids!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Beginnings

Last weekend (July 8th) the big day finally arrived and my son married his soul mate Nadine, sorry for the rest of the males of the world, there is one less amazing lady available.

I am sooooo proud of them both, they organised the wedding themselves (well Nadine did with I think a lot of ok, ahah, and absent minded head nodding from Matt LOL) and did a magnificent job.  Nadine looked stunning, Matthew handsome and they both couldnt stop smiling.

Sunday they headed off to the US for four weeks starting in LA and travelling through Florida, Washington, New York and Niagara Falls.

Welcome to our mob Mrs Nadine Ross, I'm gonna love having you as a daughter :-)

Nadine arrives at the church

Signing the Register

Mr & Mrs Ross

Our family

Cutting the Cake

Monday, May 23, 2011

Road Trip #3 - Queenscliffe

Last weekend Lucy and I took off on another of our 'mental health weekends' and headed off to Queenscliffe for some arting, fun and frivolities.....

We drove down Friday through intermittent squally rain to our little cottage we had booked and settled into our temporary home... it was small, and quite old (very 50's little granny flat) but it was warm, beds were comfy and the hosts had left us ample provisions for the weekend.  After a quick and very yummy lunch at the Atrium Cafe, we stayed in on the Friday and got stuck into our first project, The Fork In The Road journal.

Queenscliffe is a lovely little town... very pretty with loads of old buildings and Italianate mansions.....had lots of fun with the camera.
Windows and Turrets of an old beachfront mansion
Saturday we started our day with a one hour massage at the Queenscliffe Day Spa... was heaven!!  we enjoyed it so much we plan to go back there for another one when we go to Ocean Grove in September.  After some lunch and a spot of sightseeing we headed back to our cabin where we continued our Fork In The Road journal, we found the instructions for the journal a tad challenging... but we eventually worked them out (albeit we altered the format a little lol) and finished it Saturday night.. then started our Configurations box.

Queenscliffe to Sorrento Ferry
Sunday it was off to Sorrento on the ferry...  overcast day but no rain and not as cold.... lunch and a wander around Sorrento before heading back to Queenscliffe and our little cottage to work some more on our configurations.

Under Point Lonsdale Pier (and yes, the wave missed me LOL)
Monday dawned with blue skies and sunshine (typical, we always get the good weather on the days we head home LOL).
Point Lonsdale Beach 
We detoured past Point Lonsdale, awesome beach front there, had breakfast in Ocean Grove and then headed home... arriving back home in time for afternoon tea :-)
Lucky the wind didnt change!

Queenscliffe Guest House

Configurations box (not quite finished)

Fork In The Road Journal

Journal Open (zigzag book on left hand side, and the lid comes off the box with legs)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Etched Book

Inspired by the beautiful book Jen Crossley from A Mark In Time made....a couple of weeks ago, I got together with Glenda, Lucy and Caro and we etched and made this little book.  Well, mostly made it vbg... the covers stamped with Tim Holtz new stamp 'Book Covers, and then we etched them... while the etching was working its magic we made plaster pages for it... Last week Lucy and I got together and started putting them together, but the plaster was so crumbly and messy we decided to ditch the plaster and go with canvas signatures.

The signatures were stitched in with coptic stitch, and then beads, trinkets and other dingly danglies added to the spine, and a small metal 'staff' finish it off... was happy with the way it turned out.... would def make another one, though I think the next one needs to be a lot thicker....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The CPS House

Some time ago I downloaded a free ebook from Cloth Paper Scissors and we decided to hold a swap for it on our PaperArts Yahoo Group.  We each made the house, according to the instructions, but in whatever theme we liked.  I had some cool Alice paper so I made the following Alice house... its now waiting for news of who to post it to :-)

House has a detatchable roof and is made from 300gsm watercolour paper with scrapbook paper glued over it.

Pages were then stitched together on a sewing machine
house is tied closed with silk ribbon, and opens out flat with roof off

Eves are also stitched on, and roof just sits on top

Drink Me!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finishing Up A Swap

For the past few months I have been working my way through a swap on Arty Oz... tags and envies, its been fun to do and a bit different to the usual swap.  These are the last two to be done... posted them this morning.

This one is for Greta.... theme was Collections products and to be done in colours turquoise, cream, black and sepia

And the next one is on its way to Donna...Theme was use distress ink colours, and flourishes

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Royal Progress

Seems that's the theme this week vbg.

The Art Queens are planning their gathering with the dowager queen (sorry DJ) coming over from Oregon for the confluence in 2012 vbg.

Lucy and I got together on Friday to 'play' and we made these necklaces... as serendipity would have it the words that jumped out at me, and fit in the bezel was 'A Royal Progress'... so I'm going with it :-)  The bezel came from added old chandelier crystal and other bits and bobs... the little Queens chair was a gift from Lucy.  The plan was to fill it with Ice Resin.. but thats another story... so we ended up using dimensional magic.  Am really happy with the way it turned out

Had a lovely day at Picture to Page yesterday.. went with Lucy and met up with Glenda and Barb Thomas there...considering that all the way to the show Lucy and I were saying we didnt need anything and weren't buying anything we left with two bags each! After the show we headed over to the Burvale Hotel for lunch and good chinwag... lunch wasnt much, but thoroughly enjoying our chatting out in the courtyard ... we were there two hours before we ran out of things to say! LOL

Friday, February 11, 2011

Road Trip #2 - Lakes Entrance

Last weekend Lucy and I packed the little gold bullet and headed off to Lakes Entrance for the weekend while the hubbies stayed home to mind the fur babies :-)
Ninety Mile Beach
Friday was terrible weather, poured torrential rain most of the way there, roads were becoming swamped around Warragul and Morwell but we arrived safely late afternoon and headed to our cabin.
Pelican Air
We spent a lovely three days there, staying in and 'arting' on the Saturday (too wet to go out) took a lake cruise to Metung on Sunday when the weather fined up ... had no idea there were so many black swans at Lakes Entrance... heaps of birdlife too.
Black Swans
We came home in glorious sunny skies on Monday via Buchan taking in  a tour of the Fairy Cave.....
Fairy Cave at Buchan
Had a fabulous time and are already planning our next trip!

Tumbledown house just out of Bairnsdale

Road Trip #1 - Wagga Wagga

My Canvas
A couple of weeks ago, Lucy and I made a short and impromptu visit up to Wagga Wagga to stay with the demented diva (Barb Thomas) for a weekend.

While our time there was short, we had a ball arting, eating and tippling.... plans are we will do it again later this year....
Lucy, Barb and Me

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Is all I seem to be clocking up lately LOL.... went to Albury and back weekend before last in one day, a six hour return trip.... then out to St Kilda beach and Luna Park on the Thursday, Bendigo and Maldon on Friday and Wagga Wagga from Saturday to Monday.... have a (hopefully) quiet week at home before Lucy and I are off to Lakes Entrance next weekend....

St Kilda was very nice.... havent been down there in years... I slipped, slapped and slopped but forgot the legs and they ended up very red and sore...

After the beach we wandered off to Luna Park... havent been there since I was about 13.... not a lot seems to have changed.......

Love the old Bendigo Law Courts... the architecture of the town, built on the money of the gold rush is amazing....was obviously a very wealthy town in its youth

Old Bendigo Law Courts

Conservatory Gardens

Lucy and Eva in Bendigo 

HeartStone...spotted by Lucy in the bluestone gutters of Maldon