Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Is all I seem to be clocking up lately LOL.... went to Albury and back weekend before last in one day, a six hour return trip.... then out to St Kilda beach and Luna Park on the Thursday, Bendigo and Maldon on Friday and Wagga Wagga from Saturday to Monday.... have a (hopefully) quiet week at home before Lucy and I are off to Lakes Entrance next weekend....

St Kilda was very nice.... havent been down there in years... I slipped, slapped and slopped but forgot the legs and they ended up very red and sore...

After the beach we wandered off to Luna Park... havent been there since I was about 13.... not a lot seems to have changed.......

Love the old Bendigo Law Courts... the architecture of the town, built on the money of the gold rush is amazing....was obviously a very wealthy town in its youth

Old Bendigo Law Courts

Conservatory Gardens

Lucy and Eva in Bendigo 

HeartStone...spotted by Lucy in the bluestone gutters of Maldon

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