Friday, February 11, 2011

Road Trip #2 - Lakes Entrance

Last weekend Lucy and I packed the little gold bullet and headed off to Lakes Entrance for the weekend while the hubbies stayed home to mind the fur babies :-)
Ninety Mile Beach
Friday was terrible weather, poured torrential rain most of the way there, roads were becoming swamped around Warragul and Morwell but we arrived safely late afternoon and headed to our cabin.
Pelican Air
We spent a lovely three days there, staying in and 'arting' on the Saturday (too wet to go out) took a lake cruise to Metung on Sunday when the weather fined up ... had no idea there were so many black swans at Lakes Entrance... heaps of birdlife too.
Black Swans
We came home in glorious sunny skies on Monday via Buchan taking in  a tour of the Fairy Cave.....
Fairy Cave at Buchan
Had a fabulous time and are already planning our next trip!

Tumbledown house just out of Bairnsdale


  1. It was a FANTASTIC long weekend away Bevlea! Lots of laughs art, food & wine, just perfect regardless of the weather.
    The cruise was great despite you jumping up & down every few minutes to take more photos, but, I am still mystified why old, rusty dilapidated sheds turn you on!
    Laughs Lucy

  2. Hehehehe I can understand that Lucy. Glad you two had a fab time, Cant wait to see more photos. Fair caves look great. I will have to track them down next time I go that way.
    BTW, love the new look blog


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