Sunday, May 1, 2011

Etched Book

Inspired by the beautiful book Jen Crossley from A Mark In Time made....a couple of weeks ago, I got together with Glenda, Lucy and Caro and we etched and made this little book.  Well, mostly made it vbg... the covers stamped with Tim Holtz new stamp 'Book Covers, and then we etched them... while the etching was working its magic we made plaster pages for it... Last week Lucy and I got together and started putting them together, but the plaster was so crumbly and messy we decided to ditch the plaster and go with canvas signatures.

The signatures were stitched in with coptic stitch, and then beads, trinkets and other dingly danglies added to the spine, and a small metal 'staff' finish it off... was happy with the way it turned out.... would def make another one, though I think the next one needs to be a lot thicker....


  1. Gorgeous Bevlea.
    Did you just make plaster pages without metal spines? Love the etching on the cover

  2. Beautiful Bevlea, lovely book. I am waiting for my stamps to arrive any day now.... must make one. xx

  3. Its turned out lovely Bevlea. Hmmmm might need to rethink my plaster pages now. Altho they seem to be quite dry and not crumbly but then I haven't tried stitching them yet.
    Can't wait to see them in real life

  4. I've tried and tried to find the stamp that you used for your book, can you help me out. Thanks


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