Monday, July 25, 2011

Swaps n Stuff

Have been running way late with a few swaps and am finally catching up

First up isnt a swap, but a class Lucy and I took with Julie Van Oosten down at Scraptacular about six weeks ago (did i say I am running late lol?)  Class was on her new printers tray kit... great class, ran into lots of old faces and had a lovely time.  Took home the completed tray at the end of the class too!  (which is always a good thing, because if it comes home half done it never gets finished! LOL)

Then I finished a Houses of History page for Jane... her theme was Captain Cooks cottage so I have taken the cottage and added a pop up garden

and finally is an ATC for the WTA on PaperArts.  

Trentham Falls

Last Saturday I headed up Dayslesford way with my sister... we where heading to Trentham Falls..... with a short stop at Woodend for morning tea where we found Bourkies Bakery.  Best coffee and pastie I have ever had... and we bought some of their famous Vanilla Slices to take home for afternoon tea :-)

The pathway to the bottom of the falls was closed, and while it was easy work to get over the fence, I decided on caution being the better part of valour as the track was so muddy, I could picture myself making record time to the bottom (with several broken bones lol)

Falls were awesome, and totally running .... we could hear the falls from the carpark, and they were a great sight...

Trentham Falls
After the falls we took a walk through the botanical gardens at Daylesford.. lovely gardens, very, very established... its obvious they havent been touched by bushfires.. but it was soooooo green and mossy there I don't think a fire would stand a chance lol
Fernery at Gardens

Trees along side of scenic drive.. note the moss!!

And cupcakes to take home for the kids!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Beginnings

Last weekend (July 8th) the big day finally arrived and my son married his soul mate Nadine, sorry for the rest of the males of the world, there is one less amazing lady available.

I am sooooo proud of them both, they organised the wedding themselves (well Nadine did with I think a lot of ok, ahah, and absent minded head nodding from Matt LOL) and did a magnificent job.  Nadine looked stunning, Matthew handsome and they both couldnt stop smiling.

Sunday they headed off to the US for four weeks starting in LA and travelling through Florida, Washington, New York and Niagara Falls.

Welcome to our mob Mrs Nadine Ross, I'm gonna love having you as a daughter :-)

Nadine arrives at the church

Signing the Register

Mr & Mrs Ross

Our family

Cutting the Cake