Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Beginnings

Last weekend (July 8th) the big day finally arrived and my son married his soul mate Nadine, sorry for the rest of the males of the world, there is one less amazing lady available.

I am sooooo proud of them both, they organised the wedding themselves (well Nadine did with I think a lot of ok, ahah, and absent minded head nodding from Matt LOL) and did a magnificent job.  Nadine looked stunning, Matthew handsome and they both couldnt stop smiling.

Sunday they headed off to the US for four weeks starting in LA and travelling through Florida, Washington, New York and Niagara Falls.

Welcome to our mob Mrs Nadine Ross, I'm gonna love having you as a daughter :-)

Nadine arrives at the church

Signing the Register

Mr & Mrs Ross

Our family

Cutting the Cake


  1. Lovely family pic and a beautiful, radiant bride!
    I wish them well thru' their journey of wedded bliss!

  2. Fabulous pictures Bevlea, Lovely bride. All the best to them both.

  3. Both look stunning ... Bride and Groom - that is ... *grin*. Love the last photo ... memorable moment captured beautifully!

    And 'wow' Bev ... first time I've seen you with your new hair style/cut. Looks good ... had to do a double take and make certain it was you - lol.

    Eva :-)

  4. Wonderful pics of a gorgeous wedding. Bride & groom look so happy.
    John & I have voted it the best wedding we have ever attended!
    Hugs Lucy


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