Monday, August 29, 2011

I have (again) been very remiss in keeping my blog up to date... feel like a confession, forgive me father its been ages since my last post....

I havent been doing a lot of art... have found that unless I am in the company of like minded crafters, I do very little.. I sit at my table, papers, glue, bits n bobs spread around... and before long I have either moved off to the armchair to read a book or to the computer to play a game (damn you FB LOL)

I am however, off to an arting weekend with Lucy in about 2 weeks and we have several projects planned... so in the meantime, for the sake of saying something,  I thought I would bore dazzle you with some photographs I have taken lately... taken at Emu Bottom Homestead, built around 1836 its Victoria's oldest homestead