Sunday, March 20, 2011

Royal Progress

Seems that's the theme this week vbg.

The Art Queens are planning their gathering with the dowager queen (sorry DJ) coming over from Oregon for the confluence in 2012 vbg.

Lucy and I got together on Friday to 'play' and we made these necklaces... as serendipity would have it the words that jumped out at me, and fit in the bezel was 'A Royal Progress'... so I'm going with it :-)  The bezel came from added old chandelier crystal and other bits and bobs... the little Queens chair was a gift from Lucy.  The plan was to fill it with Ice Resin.. but thats another story... so we ended up using dimensional magic.  Am really happy with the way it turned out

Had a lovely day at Picture to Page yesterday.. went with Lucy and met up with Glenda and Barb Thomas there...considering that all the way to the show Lucy and I were saying we didnt need anything and weren't buying anything we left with two bags each! After the show we headed over to the Burvale Hotel for lunch and good chinwag... lunch wasnt much, but thoroughly enjoying our chatting out in the courtyard ... we were there two hours before we ran out of things to say! LOL