Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jan Harris Class

Last October I took a two day class with Jan Harris... first day was a hand made journal with repousse and the second day was wax...

I didnt end up finishing my journal in class but polished it off when I went away to Rosebud with Lucy in December.... one more UFO knocked off :-)

I plan to use it as a travel journal.. I'm really not much of a journaler, but thought it would be good to use as a 2012 travel journey for the Rusty Ramblers travels :-)


  1. Looks great Bevlea!
    Amazing how much art can be accomplished when away from home with a like minded soul.
    Of course, the wine helps!!LOL!
    Hugs Lucy

  2. What a wonderful looking journal Bevlea...I'm a bit like you, not much of a journaler, but just love journals. I'm sure you will find great use for it...perhaps a few wine stem marks will be in order! Cheers, Alessandra

  3. Looks great old girl....So...will you be adding all our "secret girl stuff" to it in Feb?....vbg

  4. Fantastic Bevlea. So what you adding to it next weekend aye!!! Apart from a few wine stem marks LOL... Just to cool us down mind you, it may be hot weather there...


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