Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last minute, Last Day UFO's

Back in September Lucy and I took one of our little trips, this time to Ocean Grove... while there we started these desk name plates... well, I started mine, Lucy had completely finished hers by the time we left LOL

Lucy's lovely other half John cut the MDF houses and base plate for us, and we bought the letters at the Kaiser factory in Geelong on the way through.  Then we painted them, decoreated with papers, bling, chipboard etc and glued it all together.  I finally finished mine yesterday... Dec 31st  2011... so I did finish it the same year I started LOL.. this has not been added to my long list of UFO's to be done!

Proud of me lucy?  ROFLMAO


  1. Looks great Bevlea. Might have to get John to cut me one out if he has the pattern, to do at Tocumwal which is coming up very fast Yay!!!!!

  2. john... can you hear us???? johhhhhhnnnnnnnn lol

  3. Yay! Yay! Yay! you finally finished it & I LOVE it!!
    Well Done my BFF!!
    Hugs Lucy

  4. This is fab Bevlea....I will have to go seek out Lucys now.


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