Friday, March 15, 2013

Finnabair Saturday

Scrappy Hollow setup for first class
Last weekend came our long awaited Finnebair class at Scrappy Hollow.

It started at 9am so Lucy and I were out of bed before the birds for the drive to the other side of the world and we met Glenda there. (She who is lucky enough to live just down the road from it)

Finn imparting wisdom
Morning class was a lot of fun and we all had our layout done by lunchtime.  There was a one hour break between classes so we headed off to McDonalds for lunch and a debrief on the morning.

We all struggled with the concept in the afternoon class....there was so much to learn and only four hours for each one - there was no lagging behind.  I have promised myself I will redo the afternoon class at my leisure - when I have more time to 'play' and not have to rush... that being said  both classes were fabulous and I am very glad I took them.

Scrappy Hollow.. what can I say.. are there enough superlatives?  The staff were welcoming, friendly and attended to every tiny detail.  We had fabulous goodie bags on our place seating in the morning  and a kit that was very generous.  After coming back from lunch we found ANOTHER goodie bag and kit for the afternoon class (kit doesnt describe how big and full of gorgeous loot it was).  This is the second workshop class I have taken with Scrappy Hollow (the other one being at Paperific last year) and that kit was fabulous too.
My morning canvas

Coupled with the ample refreshments, cakes and bikkies (bottled water on our table for both classes) we certainly got a moneys worth... very refreshing to do a class and not go home annoyed about the waste of money.
Myself, Lucy and Glenda with Finn

Scrappy Hollow... YOU HAVE A FAN!