Thursday, May 30, 2013

Playing with Textures

Some time ago I signed up for a Collaborative swap on the Yahoo group ArtyOz.  Our  brief was to make pages in the style of Seth Apter, that will be bound into one of Tim Holtz's new book covers.  As we had 13 players I had to make 13 pages.... all are mostly the same.. being that they were never going to be identical due to the proces lol.

I started with watercolour paper and gesso'd both sides... then painted them with a mix of blue and green.
When dry, I painted some Anaglypta wallpaper I have here with gesso and lightly pressed it onto my pages (thats the streaky white markings).  I then made the criss/cross lines in paynes grey with the side of a peice of box board (also called chipboard by scrappers but its not wood). Added some coffee cup circles in gesso

I painted the surface with matte medium and then added the newspaper and music paper, then another coat of matt medium over the top.  Next up I added some stamped images using Archival Dk Brown and Black inks.  Sprayed with Dylusions Dirty Martini, sealed with spray sealer then added the words and edged with charcoal pencil and finished off with a few scrawls in a fine line black marker and white posco pen.
Had a lot of fun making them... as Finnebair said in a recent class... 'turn your brain off and your hands on'.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

New House.... New Studio

We moved house in mid-April... still within the same suburb... but downsized from a big two storey mcmansion to a single level four bedroom.  Its early days yet... but I feel I can say it was the best decision we ever made.

The move means I finally get a private little studio back after a gap of about 4yrs.. with a door so I can close out the world and create.. or just contemplate the silence.... hate open plan which is what I had in the mcmansion.. now I know how goldfish feel! lol

As the walls were a hideous yellow and bright blue a repaint was definitely in order.

Getting ready to paint -
true colour is more like what you see in the alcove

Before the repaint
  I have always loved shabby chic and was inspired by a room I saw on Pinterest that was turquoise.  As its about by most fav colour next to purple, and I wanted a room that was calming and restful that was the colour I chose as my theme.. Turquoise and white with touches of black.  Its a small room, only about 9ft x 8ft so space was a premium, however one end wall was built in robes so will be able to utilise that for storage of the boring/messy stuff.

I started with the walls, painted two coats on them on the first day

Paint job done - Walpamur Crystal Creek

colour is all the same - just looks different due to the light
Next day I started putting everything in there....I mounted the two small cube units on the walls to free up a bit of shelf space, but it kept things handy.  The left side is paperarts side so its buttons etc., right side is jewelry so thats all beads with tools in the fabric boxes

Love, love, love my desk unit that I ordered before I bought the table, serendipitously it turned out to be an almost exact fit for the desk unit!  It holds loads of stuff I use a lot and keeps them handy and accessible on the table, but neat and pretty.

Another stroke of the creative studio gods smiling on me....the table came as is, already painted up shabby as did the chairs.  I had made the turntable a while ago as a project with Lucy and as I already knew I was going to be getting a new room I made it in cream and white because at that stage wasn't sure which colour scheme I was going to do.
We spray painted the turntable white as well as a collection of tins, added papers, buttons, twine etc., and it now sits/spins on the desk holding other handy at reach stuff.  Lucy's can be seen on her blog Here

Paint rack is also by Colcraft and attached to back of door and holds 36 tubes of paint.

I have zoned the room in half and put all the papercraft stuff on one side of the desk and the jewelery stuff on the other.. so I will just sit at whatever side suits what I am making

Once I started putting things in there it all came together really well.. didn't realise how much white and turquoise stuff I had LOL.  As you can see the room is small.. but I dont have a lot of art stuff.. have downsized massively over the last couple of years to where I only have what I use...  the cubes are great for maximising space.. the baskets hold a lot and have meant I can do away with the stacked piles of plastic boxes I used to have.. Chandelier was an ebay find...

Paint:  Walpamur Low Sheen Crystal Creek - 4lt  $52

Paint Rack and desk storage unit came from Colcraft $150

              Cubes at foot of table $39
              Cubes in wardrobe $44
              Fabric Baskets $10ea
              Sml Wall cube units $19ea
              Sml wall fabric baskets, $10 pack of 2

Reject Shop:
              Sml bookcases - $30 ea
              Shabby Chic Birdcage $10 (marked down to $6, dont know why its perfectly good)
              Lavender bucket/waste paper bin $7

Party Shop:
            Glass Apothecary Jars: Lg $2.50, Med $2, Sml $1.50

          Table $51
          Chairs $10ea
          Chandelier light fitting $5 (I kid you not!)
          Curtains $12.50
          Words (Magic Happens $8ea)
          Desk Lamp $16
          Friends Blocks $15
          Live, Laugh Love words $17
          Bird cage and branches wall decal $4.55

Little drawer units, small door unit and desk unit  are by Kaisercraft - they came raw and are covered in Kaisercraft papers.

Usually I have my computer in the art room and play my creative music on that while I work (Enya, Secret Garden etc) but due to the space, puter is in another room so I dragged out a stereo I have had for ages and it fits nice on the shelf

Other knicknacks are gifts from friends .... button frame and art doll in window by Barb Thomas large B tile with crown by Lucy Leatham

love my new space and look forward to hiding creating in there... would love some feedback.. please feel free to leave a comment :)