Monday, June 2, 2014

Playing with Beads and Bits

Some years ago I purchased a velvet cuff wrap from Stephanie Lee when she was here in Australia.... I was looking at it the other week, and the thought occurred it would be great with a watch added... I tend to have a bit of a watch addiction.. only buy cheap ones, but once the backing wears to the nickel I get a reaction to them.. so I buy a new one... 

hence I had several watches, that still worked perfectly, but I didnt wear... so I got stephanie's cuff out.. and inspired by that... made these...

My Watch - the watch itself is an old one I got for my 21st!
I used black velour for the cuff.. added a peice of a vintage doiley... the hurdle was how do I change the battery when it dies if I sew the cuff on.. so I made little tabs and attached the watch to the cuff with them.. and a button.. when I need to change the battery I will remove one button to get to the back and then resew it

........and one I made for my sister

I also added bits of vintage lace, and made wrap-around danglies of pearl buttons, beads and chains

the danglies wrap around the wrist and 'catch' at the front with a parrot beak clip.. with the chains hanging like charms... mine has a crown (for the artqueens) and wing.. cause I have a wing thing too... now if I can just find the camera charm Lucy gave me, I will add that too :)


  1. Hi Bevlea, what a gorgeous watch cuff wrap! Love the lace, beats and buttons, so vintage!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Diana :)

  2. These are gorgeous Bevlea. I do believe I said so in an email to ou but now I am following your blog I will see more of your fab arty creations! XX

    1. Thankyou GF... for stopping by and commenting... much appreciated :)

  3. Gorgeous. Must do similar with my Mums old watch, more for a piece of Jewelry as it don't go anymore :-) maybe I can add it to the half finished spoon cuff that I have waiting to be finished.


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